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Business Finance Clinics


The CFI Business Clinic Program provides a holistic approach to link the small businesses to mainstream finance. The perceived high covariant risk with these businesses, information opacity and the high administration and transaction costs make these unattractive for finance.  The objective of the Business Clinics is to address this situation by identifying Prepared Entrepreneurs, boost the Business Planning to demonstrate viability, create the Financial Capability as well as generate the necessary SME Business Cluster Data to assist the entreprenuers and the financial institutions make informed business decisions.

SME Business Clusters Value Chain Information

The E-based SME Business Clusters Value Chain information platform is designed to enable simpler ways to analyse the data and generate dashboard reports on the required information. The dashboards will provide information trends on the number of entrepreneurs involved in that business cluster, the geographic concentration of the businesses, the key markets, value of sales, business costs patterns and turn-over. Provide a dashboard to package and disseminate key information to the public on the performance of the key industries and the geographic concentration.

The objective is to develop local data on the performance of the key enterprises from the Inkhundla (constituency) level to determine high potential business clusters and develop  viable value chain ecosystems. The data will assist the entreprenuers to determine the potential viability of their enterprises and the financial institutions have reliable data to inform the loan appraisal processes. The platform is currently being tested before it is officially launched by mid 2019.

MSME Business Ladder

The Competitiveness Scoring System “SME Business Ladder” is an online platform developed by the CFI to assess the performance and sophistication of the business. The entrepreneur has to first register to the SME Business Ladder platform, fill-up a questionnaire and the platform to generate a Score and a Report on the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strategies to improve business performance and growth. The SME Business Ladder was developed based on the findings of the FinScope Eswatini MSME National Survey (2017) and the Business Development Measure (BDM) that differentiated and segmented the local MSME businesses. The Score compares the business performance with other similar businesses at the same level within that particular sector.  
The objective is to identify prepared entrepreneurs that could be linked with finance and markets. The outcome of this scoring will also help determine the appropriate interventions for the business and enable linkages with finance.

Deeping Financial Inclusion

Enhance the outreach and depth of the financial system through supporting innovations in financial services for low income groups. Support the development of an effective micro finance sector. Promote synergies between the government funding schemes for entrepreneurs with the mainstream financial system to enhance the performance of these businesses.

Key ongoing activities:

  • Institutional Capacity Building for Micro Finance Providers;
  • Reform of Government Funding Schemes for Entrepreneurs; and,
  • Community-based Savings Mobilization.

Personal Finance Clinics

The CFI conducts Personal Finance Clinics to create awareness on the key issues of personal financial management, which includes the definition of income, importance of various income streams, budgeting, money management as well as savings and investments. Assist the individuals conduct a diagnosis on the manner in which the personal finances are managed. Provide financial education to address identified issues.
According to the FinScope Swaziland Consumer Survey 2014, the majority of the Emaswati face severe budget constraints and struggle to make ends meet, hence find themselves in the debt vicious cycle. The objective of these Clinics is to inculcate a culture of income generation, prudent spending and investment into the future.

The Centre for Financial Inclusion is a semi-autonomous body under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to facilitate access to financial services for micro-entrepreneurs and the un-banked population through creating an enabling environment for the sector.