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National Financial Inclusion Strategy Document 2017 - 2022

The Government of Swaziland (GoS) attaches a critical role for financial inclusion. At the microeconomic or household level, financial inclusion can impact people’s welfare directly...   

State of the Microfinance Sector in Swaziland, Final Report, August 2016

To provide the State of the Micro Finance Sector in Swaziland, including the institutional assessment of the performance and risk profile of key players, the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting the Microfinance sector and the elaboration of recommendations to strengthen the sector.

Swaziland FinScope Consumer 2014 Results

·      To describe the levels of financial inclusion (i.e. levels of access to financial products and services – both formal and informal)

·      To describe the landscape of access (i.e. the type of products and services used by financially included individuals)

·      To identify the drivers of, and barriers to financial access

·      To assess trends/changes over time (from 2011)

·      To stimulate evidence-based dialogue that will ultimate lead to effective public and private sector interventions that will increase and deepen financial inclusion

MAP Swaziland Synthesis Stakeholders

This Diagnostic report presents a comprehensive analysis of the financial inclusion environment in Swaziland as part of the Making Access Possible (MAP) Swaziland initiative. MAP will be used to inform the Swazi government’s approach to financial inclusion. In October 2012, the Ministry of Finance formally requested FinMark Trust’s support for its ongoing financial inclusion agenda. It was agreed that the MAP study will form the basis for the development of a multi-stakeholder roadmap for financial inclusion, which in turn will be leveraged as a vehicle towards an integrated financial inclusion strategy in Swaziland.


The Centre for Financial Inclusion is a semi-autonomous body under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to facilitate access to financial services for micro-entrepreneurs and the un-banked population through creating an enabling environment for the sector.