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Eswatini State of Financial Inclusion Report 2019 (Main Report)

Eswatini State of Financial Inclusion Report 2019 (Main Report)

The Government of Eswatini recognises the role played by the financial sector in facilitating economic growth through enhanced access to financial services. In order to strengthen policies that will generate sustainable and inclusive growth and development, the Government of Eswatini through the Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI) commissioned and implemented the State of Financial Inclusion Consumer Survey 2019 to help monitor and evaluate sector interventions driven by the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS). The Objectives of this Survey are

·      To describe the levels of financial inclusion (i.e. levels of access to financial products and services – both formal and informal)

·      To describe the landscape of access (i.e. the type of products and services used by financially included individuals)

·      To identify the drivers of, and barriers to financial access

·      To assess trends/changes over time (from 2014)

·      To stimulate evidence-based dialogue that will ultimate lead to effective public and private sector interventions that will increase and deepen financial inclusion




The Centre for Financial Inclusion is a semi-autonomous body under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to facilitate access to financial services for micro-entrepreneurs and the un-banked population through creating an enabling environment for the sector.