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Frequently Asked Questions

Have one or two questions? Well, we have the answers for you. Drop us an email for more info at info@cfi.org.sz and we shall get back to you..
How is CFI different from MFU?

The Micro Finance Unit, a semi-autonomous wing of the Ministry of Finance transitioned to the Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI) following the implementation of the Rural Finance and Enterprise Development Programme (FREDP) from September 2010 to September 2016. The implementation of the RFEDP provided valuable experiences and lessons in various sectors on how to enhance access to finance for the local population. The transition of the MFU to the CFI provided an opportunity to pull together the key activities and interventions that were carried over to the CFI, such as policy formulation, information platforms and the restructuring of government funding for facilities for entrepreneurs among others.  The MFU is now called the CFI.

Additional to the previous operation of the MFU, the CFI is responsible for co-ordinating and monitoring the implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS), which was approved by Cabinet in May 2017 and launched in January 2018. The NFIS provides a comprehensive framework that should guide the provision of an all-inclusive financial system and the incentives for this to be of mutual benefit to both the consumer and the services provider.

Does CFI provide financial services?
Like the Micro Finance Unit, the CFI provides capacity building interventions for MSMEs and supporting institutions. The CFI does not provide credit or grants to its beneficiaries; however supports interventions through its qualified personnel, partnership with local and international stakeholders as well as sourcing external consultants where necessary. Within the mandate of the CFI, extensive focus will be given to sensitizing Swazis about financial inclusion and how to make better use of available financial services to match their needs. Since financial inclusion is a broader mandate, CFI will establish and continue to maintain partnerships with relevant stakeholders to widen the reach.
How do I get assistance from CFI?
Companies, groups and individuals that are interested in services of the CFI may contact our office located at Injabulo House, Ground Floor, Somhlolo Road in Mbabane from Monday to Friday between 0745 and 1630. CFI is not open on weekends and Public Holidays even though services may be provided on weekends when arranged in advance with potential stakeholders. The office can also be contacted telephonically or by mail.
How do I participate in CFI Workshops and Seminars?
Workshops and Seminars are advertised on local newspapers and the CFI Website. Invitations are sent out directly to participating institutions and for some seminars, registration will be made available on the website and interested participants will be notified of availability of spaces.

The Centre for Financial Inclusion is a semi-autonomous body under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to facilitate access to financial services for micro-entrepreneurs and the un-banked population through creating an enabling environment for the sector.